Profound Experience

“This has been one of the most profound body experiences I have had. There is no other massage I can recommend more than Antenaae. I went in and shared nothing, yet the report I received afterwards was such an accurate reflection of what was going on for me – I couldn’t believe it! This is one of the most gentle, and nurturing processes there could be. I felt held and cared for…

The massage in itself is so healing and therapeutic, and Tasia works with you on an energetic level to balance everything at the same time.

I had been stuck for more than a year in my life, and this is the first time I am starting to feel significant shifts, the other morning was the first time in more than a year I had the experience …the spell has been lifted and I feel normal again… and I really attribute this to the energy and physical touch work of these sessions and the incredible depth, humility and wisdom of Tasia.”

Savannah Steinberg
Relationship & Consciousness Coach



“I would just like to share with all, the amazing experience I have had having an Antaneea massage. The transformation and upliftment in my energy and well being has been tremendous. Emotions that have been deep seeded in me have been brought to the front and have been unblocked in the most effective and transforming way.

I have experienced immense shifts in my being and this has provided a sense of freedom and excitement for my journey ahead that I have not felt in a while.

I highly recommend the therapist who is spot on on her insight and analysis of my emotional blockages and her gentle and compassionate way of supporting me in working through them. I recommend this for any individual who is sitting with low energies, blocked energies, feeling frustrated with life and attracting circumstances and people that allows them to feel stuck and as if they are repeating the same patterns over and over again.

Thank you Tasia for a transformational experience.”

Anthoula Papageorgiou
Accredited Consciousness Coach (CCA)
Accredited international Image Consultant (SA image Academy)



“Anastasia has the ability to make one feel comfortable immediately and her professionalism and strength is admirable. The therapy and treatment offered by Anastasia is soothing and calming. I highly recommend this type of healing to anyone wishing to release any low vibrating energy that is ‘stuck in the physical body.”

Theoni Moraitis
Author, Metaphysics Teacher, Healer & Hypnotherapist